Basic Features

  • Basic requirements - PHP 5.2+ and MySQL
  • Fast, two-step installer
  • Supported on Windows and Linux
  • Update notifications
  • File PIREPs, setup daily schedules, aircraft
  • Comprehensive financials, with various types of expenses, aircraft pax and cargo
  • And more...

Administration and Customization

  • AJAX-Powered admin panel, with approval for pilots and PIREPs
  • Flight schedule CSV import and export for easy editing
  • Pilot Groups, Ranks, and Awards
  • Easy, portable skinning with HTML based templates for customization
  • Add PIREP and Profile fields
  • Tie aircraft to ranks, which can be assigned manually or by flight hours
  • Integrated content management system with pages and news
  • Post downloads with categories and files
  • Extensible through the API

Features for Pilots

  • ACARS Application support - kACARS, FSACARS, XAcars, FSPassenger, and FS Flight Keeper
  • Downloadable configuration files for ACARS applications
  • Live ACARS Map
  • Dynamic signatures generated
  • Flight bids and booking
  • Ranks, manually applied by an admin, or by flight hours
  • Awards and groups
  • Aircraft can be restricted to ranks

Advanced Schedules

  • Multiple airlines with unique schedules
  • Set times and days of week for flights
  • Assign specific aircraft to routes
  • Set fuel prices at airports
  • Passenger, cargo, and charter flights
  • And more...

Advanced Finances

  • Pilot pay based on rank scale
  • Price your flights and cargo
  • Complete month-by-month breakdown
  • Various expense types available (percentage, fixed)
  • Flash-based charts with yearly, monthly details
  • Produce balance sheets for months/years
  • And more...

About phpVMS

phpVMS was started back in March 2008, when there was no real virtual airline management system available to use. Since then, it's grown to be the top VA management tool, supporting various ACARS applications, and a lively community. phpVMS is written on solid design principles, making it easy to modify and extend, with little effort. It's written in the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern, allowing you to easily customize the entire look and feel, by just manipulating HTML and CSS.


phpVMS is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa) license, which allows you to share and edit phpVMS, provided that attribution is kept to phpVMS and to this website.