What is phpVMS?

phpVMS is the most popular, free, virtual airline software, with support for various ACARS applications (kACARS, FSACARS, XAcars, FS Flight Keeper, and FSPassengers), AJAX-driven administration panel, complete with financial reports, schedule management and various other features designed for realistic operation of your virtual airline.


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Deleted Profiles - posted 16 July 2015, 3:18 pm

I have had a few emails in regards to members profiles being deleted and hope this explains the why and how; there was over 33,000 users in the database, the vast majority were spam signups and it was just weighing on the speed of the forum. I deleted all the users that never posted anything in the forum, and that had no login activity on the site since January 1st, 2014. Meeting one condition or the other kept your profile in the system.

No one that ever posted on the site was deleted and if you had logged in since January 1st, 2015 your profile was not deleted. I am sorry if you did not meet these conditions and now noticed your profile gone, but never posting and not logging in for 18 months tells me that you were not using it. You are welcome to sign up again for a new profile if you would like.

Database Corruption - posted 6 July 2015, 1:40 pm

The forum was hacked just after a DDOS attack on the server Saturday night and I thought the database had just been deleted which I restored from a backup from June 28th. What I did not realize that in the process of destroying the forum database the InnoDB engine on the mySql server was corrupted as well, which in turn corrupted almost every InnoDB table on the server. Drive volumes were also damaged in the attack.

With so many sites experiencing issues with database corruption I had no choice today but to rebuild the MySql server and restore all databases from the June 28th backup. This includes the forum and VACentral. Any data that was recorded between June 28th and today (July 6th) was lost in the process.


Updated phpVMS License - posted 24 September 2014, 10:54 pm

After thinking about it for some time, I have decided to change the license for phpVMS to the much simpler BSD 3-clause license. Development has pretty much stopped as my work schedule gives me almost no time for side-projects, so hopefully this fosters more forks and development, which I will be happy to merge back into the mainline branch(es).


Forum Membership [MUST READ] - posted 30 November 2013, 10:45 pm

I have been trying to help out with the forum and working for some time to try and stop/block/remove/clean all the spam members and spam posting and it just seems to continue to get worse even when using all of the IP Board recomendations. I do not have the time to sift through all the posts just to try and find the ones that need to be approved.There is currently over 10,000 unapproved posts.

I have set the board to now only allow admin approval of new members, e-mail verification is no longer allowed. If you wish to join this board please go through the registration process and then let me know using the contact form on my site - simpilotgroup <dot> com - If you do not let me know the registration will be automatically purged from the board after 3 days with all the other spam registrations. Include your USERNAME in the contact. I will approve the registration as soon as possible but it may be up to 24 hours.

See update below.


2.1.936 - Security Patch - posted 30 September 2013, 1:18 pm

Hi all,

I've updated the download to 2.1.936 - basically to null the file where I believe the exploit is coming from. I looked through the other files, and I think they look OK.

Please update as soon as possible - really the only updated file was core/lib/php-ofc-library/ofc_upload_image.php. Instead of deleting it, I patched it, so then it will get patched on an upload.

Sorry for all the trouble guys! Please be sure to look through your server and account very carefully - if you see something suspicious, delete it, or rename it to add a .txt extension so it can't be found, until you can verify if the file is safe or not.




Even though phpVMS is free, there are still many costs, including server and hosting costs for new and upcoming features. Any amount will be greatly appreciated!